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Career Coach


What is a Career Coach?

MindWealth Staff | Feb 11, 2021

Have you decided to change career paths and get started in a new field? Are you fresh out of college or graduate school and are eager to get started in the world of business? Or are you firmly planted within a company, yet you desire to move up the proverbial ladder? These are all common experiences in the world of work. 

Either way–you would benefit greatly from hiring a career coach.

A career coach uses a solutions-based approach to support people in and out of their work environment in order to help them improve and develop as an employee. 

Career coaching is much different than life coaching, which you can read about separately. 

A career coach doesn’t necessarily have to have any formal training; however, there must be a variety of relevant experiences and a positive track record on their resume or profile in order for them to obtain clients. A career coach with authority, integrity, and references will gain more clients than one who simply claims to be a coach. 

Coaching is very similar to counseling in that the career coach needs to be proficient in active listening, facilitating goal setting, data tracking, and problem-solving, as well as be able to build a rapport and a circle of trust with their client. 

Career coaches can work with clients at any point in their career. There is never a bad time to hire one. 

What a Career Coach is Not

A career coach is not someone who is hired to do the work for you. They are not hand-holders and they also are not sitting on the sideline watching it all play out. A career coach may be similar to a counselor, but they are not counselors or really even mentors. Lastly, a career coach is not someone you can take advantage of; you will work together as a team to achieve your goals, but you’ll be the one pulling most of the weight while following the advice of an expert. 

Why People Hire a Career Coach

Individuals hire a career coach in order to improve upon skills, among other things, that will help them advance in their career.

Specific reasons for hiring a career coach are:

  • To learn new and improved skill sets
  • To improve resumes, online profiles such as LinkedIn, and overall brand
  • To gain confidence and motivation
  • To help clients become more marketable
  • To transition smoothly into a new career
  • To learn up-to-date and relevant technology or business skills
  • To create an individualized career plan
  • To monitor and track growth on goals by the use of data
  • To be observed and gain feedback by an expert
  • To practice interviewing skills
  • To identify weaknesses and needs and ways to work on them

Forbes, the leading American business magazine, lists their top 3 reasons to hire a career coach:

  1. A career coach can accelerate your job search.
  2. A career coach can help you develop a solid job-search plan.
  3. A career coach can show you how to invest in yourself.

Of course, there are other reasons why someone may want to hire a career coach. Whatever the reasoning may be, the client can benefit greatly from the process. 

The Invaluable Benefits of Using a Career Coach

While there may always be cons to choosing to do something as decisive as hiring a career coach, the benefits outweigh any negative or limitation that might come up. Individuals who are seeking out a career coach are wanting big changes in their lives, and they should be willing to work hard to reap all of the benefits that coaching has to offer. 

Virtual Vocations offers an excellent list of benefits of using a career coach.

  • A career coach can hold you accountable

You probably need accountability during this time. It can be difficult when you have to make changes or learn new skills on your own. Having an accountability partner, AKA a career coach, will keep you motivated and have someone that will regularly check your progress. 

  • A career coach can motivate you

Of course your friends and family can motivate you, but a career coach knows the right way to motivate you to keep you on track with your short and long-term goals.

  • A career coach can provide honest and unbiased feedback

Honest and unbiased feedback is exactly what you need right now. Relying on friends, family, or coworkers to give you the truth about your performance is not going to get you very far. Take it from an expert who has nothing invested aside from seeing you succeed. 

  • A career coach can help you grow professionally

This is what it’s all about. Career coaches know the steps it takes to see real growth and progress. They can help you set up achievable target objectives based on baseline data from records and observations. 

  • A career coach can personalize your career plan

A unique, individualized career plan is what you need to flourish. Going through a pre-recorded online training or listening to a set of podcasts, or however else you can improve upon your career trajectory is not as beneficial as working with a career coach who is there just for you. 

  • A career coach can help define your professional brand

There are career inventories and such that can help you define your brand; however, a career coach can dive more deeply into your situation and your personality to bring your brand to light. 

  • A career coach can help you discern your professional value

What are you worth in the professional world? How do you even begin to understand your value? There definitely isn’t a quick online quiz to help you in this department. You need a career coach to work with you to show you what skill sets you have that will make you more marketable. 

  • A career coach can prepare you for interviews

Watch all of the YouTube videos you’d like, but there is nothing like getting one-on-one practice with as well as feedback from an expert such as a career coach. 

  • A career coach can help navigate difficult career decisions

During your professional lifetime, you might come across situations that prompt difficult decision-making, and you may not know what to do and who to turn to. A career coach can easily help you navigate these rough times. 

  1. A career coach can help you transition into a new career or role

Many people change careers throughout their journey, maybe even a few times. If you’re stepping out of an old position and stepping into a new one, a career coach can assist you with putting your best foot forward. 

Where there are pros…there are cons. 

The Downsides of Hiring a Career Coach and Things to Watch Out For

Things can’t always be sunshine and rainbows. There are people who have bad encounters with inexperienced and even counterfeit career coaches claiming they know all and can help turn your professional life around. 

There is an article in Forbes, written by a senior contributor, who interviewed a woman who had a negative and unfortunate experience with a career coach in her past. They discuss when a career coach ends up being a waste of money. The woman interviewed insists that an effective career coach needs to help you explore and focus on three vital dimensions of a joyful and successful life and career:

  • Standards of Integrity – HOW you want to live and work – the process of living, not just the content of it.
  • Life intentions – WHAT you want to create and give through your life when all is said and done.
  • Life purpose – WHY you are on this planet at this time – the UNIQUE purpose (we all have one whether we know it or not).

Career coaching may not be for everyone, just as everyone should not be a career coach. Choose wisely, do your research, and read recommendations and testimonials before you spend money on a career coach. 

People Who Have Used a Career Coach Before Say…

MindWealth offers career coaching and has testimonials to back up their success with clients. 

Read two testimonials about Rohit, MindWealths’s co-founder and career coach to see just how profitable hiring a career coach can be in the long run:

  • Rohit has helped me out a lot, I went through multiple rounds of coaching and intensive training and secured the job I wanted. I figured out that MindWealth helped me lock in an additional LifeTimeValue add of $3 Million. Two big thumbs up for MindWealth and Rohit.
  • Having worked in technology, banking, and set up and having sold a FinTech business, I am no stranger to stress and politics in the often-murky world of high finance and startups. Conversations with Rohit usually go beyond coaching and financial brainstorming and move into the realm of mental balance and emotional evolution. It is here that anyone aspiring to be coached by Rohit will find not just a global business leader but also a spiritual prophet…the more time you spend with him, the more relevant he becomes to your life as a coach, as a friend, and as someone in your corner.

Are you interested in learning more about the wonderful benefits of hiring a career coach? Head over to MindWealth to learn how their coaching programs can improve your life today. 

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