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Here at MindWealth, we believe in one thing. Life is a holistic game and it often requires an unorthodox approach to win.

Our mindfulness and spirituality programs provide you with that holistic approach to success. Our content library consists of spirituality mastery programs, spirituality courses, and spirituality training programs. Besides online spirituality courses, we are offering spirituality coaching along with our popular career coaching for you to grow and evolve your mind as well as your wealth.

MindWealth places a heavy emphasis on spiritual health that is lacking in today’s fast-paced world. Spiritual health is the crucial, often missing, and neglected aspect of success.

Did you know that a major aspect of spiritual health is getting in touch with your deeper self? – the deeper self that some would call intuition, gut feeling, or an instinct.

This is exactly why we offer you tools to access and unlock your spirituality.

Benefits of our Spirituality Mastery Programs

Whatever you decide to pursue in life, one thing is guaranteed. You will face fierce competition. Whether you are looking to land your dream job, change your career, learn the secrets of trading or invest your hard-earned money, MindWealth brings you closer to a solution.

Imagine having a sixth sense, being able to identify new trends and always being a step ahead… Especially, if the rest of the world is oblivious to the power of the spiritual self.

Our mission is to empower you to live life in balance and harmony on your own terms while making more money than ever before.

Feedback for Rohit and MindWealth

Conversations with Rohit move into the realm of mind-balance and emotional evolution. Rohit is not just a business leader but also a spiritual prophetG Richard Warfield IV, Partner OTS Capital Management Hong Kong

Rohit helps you find answers within yourself improving your work-life balanceLavanya Chari, Global Head of Products, Investments and Collaboration, International Bank, Hong Kong

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Evolve With Masters

By Kevin Blackwell 1 Module - 2+ hours

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Resource to enhance your work, your wealth and your wellbeing.

About The Masterclass

Give yourself a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd! 

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to make a powerful first impression on your potential employer. The landscape of job seeking, recruitment and hiring has changed dramatically. Those willing to adapt and overcome are those who succeed in their careers, and in their lives. 

Unfortunately, many people still make one critical mistake: They rely on the ‘’hope mentality’’

They create a resume without organized thought, they run it by a friend or family member, and then they send it to many different employers ‘’hoping’’ for an answer.

Unfortunately, they do not achieve the response rate they hope for. 

Or, in most cases, they don’t receive a response — at all.

If you find yourself in this situation, it is not the end of the world.

This free masterclass empowers you to make more MindWealth. We’ll help you focus on the clarity of mind that comes with mindfulness and harness that power to reach new levels of productivity and success — as we’ll start with Mind Mapping your resume.

About Your Online Footprint

How well do you tell your story? Whether you like it or not, you leave your digital footprint behind.

The unspoken truth about your digital footprint is that your online presence tells a story. 

The world’s largest professional network, Linkedin,  has nearly 660+ million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. In other words, if you are on your career journey ,  Linkedin is the place for you.

LinkedIn is a platform with massive potential and possibilities… if you know how to leverage the platform and make LinkedIn work for you. 

Unfortunately, many struggle to find opportunities for a new job or career change. However, those who succeed know something others don’t, and because of that, they effortlessly further their careers and advance their lives. 

They know that perception is reality. They know how to tell a story. Their story. 

In this free video training, you will understand the power of the digital footprint, how to create your LinkedIn image, and tell your story. You will master the three most important elements of your LinkedIn profile, as you increase your chances of success by making the largest professional network work for you.

Free Spirituality Content

Resource to enhance your work, your wealth and your wellbeing.

Transform Your Reality With Quantum Physics

Can you transform someone’s reality using concepts from entanglement physics? One man believed it’s possible. A man before his time challenged the scientific establishment.  He was rejected, ridiculed by the scientific community, but 40 years after his death, new research emerges confirming this man’s theory. His name was Hugh Everett III and his theory of many-worlds interpretation (MWI) of quantum physics offers us a new way of looking at reality. In this podcast episode, we’ll explore the idea of multiple universes and timelines, and the ability to change a life trajectory at any moment.

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The Law of Attraction – The Real Secret

Can you manifest people and ideal relationships in your life? The Law of Attraction certainly confirms the answer. However, as simple as it may sound, it’s far from easy.

There are other factors at play, other than a desire for manifestation. Unfortunately, these factors are omitted from the mainstream idea of the Law of Attraction.

In this video, Vijay Fafat, offers his unique perspective on the correlation between the Law of Attraction and individual personality.  Vijay shines a light on the misconceptions of manifestation and suggests a different perspective.

A successful writer and banker, Vijay shared his grounded ideas combined with a pearl of universal wisdom.

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