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MindWealth is for everyone whose goal is attaining peace of mind and financial freedom while being of service in the world. By devoting a
few joyful hours of your life to a MindWealth program, you can find your true purpose, enhance your work performance and live your best life.
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Five is a powerful number. From the five men who founded Apple and Google to the five women who started the suffragettes. Five people can change the world. Double five and you get 10. A fundamentally human number. 10 fingers. 10 toes.

Five people are selected to attend MindWealth’s three-month Coaching program.
10 more may choose Transformational Coaching.

Why? Because MindWealth Coaching is about a limited number of people achieving unlimited results. Career++  coaching and mentoring with Rohit Malhotra

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G. Richard Warfield IV
Partner, OTS Capital Management, Hong Kong

Having worked in technology, banking and set up and having sold a FinTech business, I am no stranger to stress and politics in the often-murky world of high finance and startups. Conversations with Rohit usually go beyond coaching and financial brainstorming and move into the realm of mind balance and emotional evolution. It is here that anyone aspiring to be coached by Rohit will find not just a global business leader but also a spiritual prophet…the more time you spend with him, the more relevant he becomes to your life as a coach, as a friend and as someone in your corner.

Lavanya Chari
Managing Director and Head Global Products Distribution Asia Pacific (Multinational Bank) Singapore

As a leader running a large business, I benefited from working with Rohit to co-create plans to better achieve organizational goals. A transformational coach and an inspiring leader, Rohit helps you find answers within yourself and energize your career, improving your organizational efficiency and work life balance. I trust Rohit completely.

Bogdan Onyschenko
Financial Services Executive, Hong Kong

Rohit is an analytical and compassionate thinker. He not only knows what may be best for any given person but he is capable of delivering his insights in a manner that allows for these insights to be understood and implemented. Success in any walk of life is something that needs to be nurtured and with the help of a personal coach of Rohit’s caliber, it is all the more attainable.

Kyoo Kim
Former rates trader in Asia and Europe, current researcher in Social Psychology, London, UK

Rohit has always inspired me...he is a super-achiever. I value his judgement in issues related to career advancement and setting priorities in life. He is insightful and helps set specific strategies in managing the subtleties of work and personal dilemmas. I recommend Rohit to anyone who is looking to discover more about themselves, and take their careers and business ideas to the next level.

David (Jianwei) Liu
General Manager, Banco Santander S.A. Shanghai Branch, China

There are not many people in business globally with Rohit’s level of understanding of people, organizational tactics, or the material and spiritual outlooks inherent in different cultural contexts. My banking job is complex and requires an intense level of concentration and commitment as I strike a balance between risks and return. I frequently find myself in stressful situations in which I need to make challenging decisions. Rohit’s coaching helps me to focus my mind and achieve a clear, calm state so I can be productive and make fast, balanced decisions in this complex environment. I respect Rohit as a great coach. Thanks to him, I got more peace of mind and insight into what I wanted out of my career.

Manish Lala
Director, Deutsche Bank, Hong Kong

When I engaged with Rohit formally, I was unsure that someone at his high level of achievement could empathize enough to help me develop my career. However, his compassionate approach and understanding of human psychology led to many conversations on how I could progress, in my work and in my life. I felt that Rohit wanted me to achieve my objectives—his support helped me to focus and gave me a much-needed boost. Even after our formal sessions had ended, Rohit called me to check in. His global work experience and his understanding of business, finance and top-management-thinking are bonuses. I recommend Rohit strongly to anyone looking for a professional life coach with right mix of experience and EQ.

Jason Liu
Head of China for Special Situations, MBK Partners, Beijing, China

Rohit is easy to trust and confide in. He is also a really cool guy who understands different cultures: the west and the east. Our conversations gave me a better understanding of myself as well as specific ideas on how I could progress and grow while balancing my life and career. I recently left my job at an investment bank and moved into a different area and role. My new job challenges me more and is in tune with the spirit of my conversations with Rohit. I am much happier as a result.

Michael Brinton
Managing Director, Global Investment Bank, London, UK

Rohit combines genuine empathy with an ability to connect with people. He understands people’s motivations and how best to navigate them. His experience at the top rung of corporate life and his global experience were particularly valuable. After a conversation with Rohit I always felt energized and more confident. If you’re looking to accelerate your career, Rohit is a great mentor.

Neha Bakshi
Managing Director, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

Rohit has provided me with guidance and coaching during several difficult situations in my professional life. He has been a good sounding board, evaluating options and discussing alternatives. He has helped me to realize my full potential, and through his unwavering focus and commitment, he has been a source of true inspiration. I recommend him highly.

Saurabh Jhalaria
CEO, SME Loans, Incred India, Mumbai, India

Managing risk and dealing with stressful situations are a part of my daily schedule. These responsibilities have been constant in my work life in Hong Kong, in Singapore and now in India. I am a member of the founding team of one of India’s most promising new age financial services companies, and there are times when the complexities seem overwhelming. Thanks to technology, however, my chats with Rohit bring balance and give me a lateral perspective of the situation. Rohit’s analytical and intuitive abilities separate him from the rest. Over the years I have known him, even when there is no crisis or stress at hand, my conversations with Rohit have invariably aided my career development.

Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be
proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take
toward reaching that goal.
– Steve Prefontaine