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Placebo Effect & Biophotons

Rohit Malhotra | Jan 23, 2020
Rohit Malhotra
Placebo Effect & Biophotons
Rohit MalhotraPlacebo Effect & Biophotons

Rohit talks about the power of the mind over the body and how positive thoughts can manifest in physical form or set in motion the things you want to achieve. These processes have been well documented in patients tested with placebo pills. Positive expectations and intentions lead to the emissions of bio-photons that enable the body to achieve the change in state you desire.

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Welcome back to a MindWealth Mwav podcast. This is Rohit.

The power of the mind over the body has been observed in various medical studies where people have tested the placebo effect. The placebo effect for those who don’t know is a situation where patients often improve even when the pill they’re taking is only a sugar pill and the reason this happens is because they believe that the pill they are taking will heal them.

In drug trials where the health improvements of patients, who are in the placebo group versus patients that are receiving an actual drug, are tested, the results for the placebo group often turn out to be as significant as those in the group receiving the actual drug. This is quite stunning stuff and really demonstrates the power of the mind over functions of our body and also the power of optimism and the power of positive beliefs.

You know our will to live ultimately is a declaration of our intent to survive and a sense of an unwavering belief that this will happen.

So when you expect a positive outcome, you tend to send that intention within yourself and that’s sent via something called bio-photonic emissions, these bio-photonic emissions create biochemical reactions in the body which maximize the likelihood of the event actually occurring and, as we know in quantum physics, everything is about probability, outcomes and states.

It’s all probabilistic in the quantum universe so your thoughts essentially set things in motion to achieve what you expect to happen and then you know that your positive thinking actually influences events.

So we all possess this limitless power within ourselves. Our bodies do what we tell them. Although, to get into the right state, we have to be in the right mindset. We have to have a sense of forgiveness. We have to have cleared out all the negative beliefs first. We have to really feel the impact of this happening. One way to connect or to feel is to unify your mind and your heart and the way I do that is I put my right hand on my heart and that helps in my whole-brain activation.

I believe this is something that might work for you as well so please do try it. I look forward to talking to you more about the power of the mind over the body.

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