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How Our Brain Works

Rohit Malhotra | May 18, 2020
Rohit Malhotra
Monroe Right Brain & Left Brain
Rohit MalhotraMonroe Right Brain & Left Brain

The human brain is one of the most complex structures we have studied. Nobody truly knows how it works. In this podcast, we establish the relationship between the right and left hemisphere and how we perceive the world around us.

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One of the things that Robert Monroe talks about is the left brain and right brain & how they truly relate to each other when you think of something as unique as the human mind and the way we think.

Our left brain is essentially the part of us that is rational. Our cognitive sense, the part that gets things done, is the intellectual or analytical area. It holds our various math and speech centers, our logical reasoning & scientific method, our organisational talents, our teaching skills and much more. Our left brain activity makes us different from animals. It’s a source of our can-do optimism.

Our right brain, on the other hand, is quite different. From here, we get our perceptive sense of form and space, beauty, intuition, emotions plus everything else the left brain cannot understand or categorize including love, friendship, inspiration and so on.

Our right brain would be horrified by the idea that a left brain formula can be produced to quantify and qualify love. I’m sure it won’t be long, if it’s not already happening, that someone comes along and says here is the formula for love and, you know, this is what you need.

Our right brain, interestingly, is the generator of feelings of negativity in addition to positivity. As you know from watching the US elections, when you appeal to people at an emotional level in a positive way, you are essentially appealing to their right brain. You arouse feelings of hope, compassion, joy, playfulness. When you use negative thoughts, you again appeal to people’s right brain.

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