Mother Meera

Mother Meera

Heighten your emotional level. Feel loved and valued. Experience the bliss of a lasting type. Christopher Ross draws the reader into the aura of a person known as Mother Meera. Some say she is a reincarnation of Mother Mary. Others perceive her as an enlightened being, with the ability to connect with you at a very deep level, feel your life, your pain, your joy. She is originally from India and is currently based in Germany.


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How Our Minds Really Work

First, watch the video!

Check these 15 psychology facts that will give you a better idea of how our minds work.

Many of these facts make sense. One point that particularly stood out to me was dealing with work stress by creating what I would call a “mindful moment”. Flooding your brain with endorphins by the act of singing while driving to work to attend a stressful meeting is something I can relate to. Similarly, de-stressing by freely singing while blasting some good ol’ Sabbath can be a surprisingly mindful thing to do. 

On the flip side, I did not entirely agree with the Dunning Kruger effect (i.e. intelligent people rarely thinking of themselves as smart and ranking themselves below others). I have met some extremely intelligent people who knew exactly how bright they were and if challenged would not hesitate to let others know that. Nor were they the type that would rank themselves low. Perhaps this is something that is true in large numbers or under the conditions tested but less accurate when measured within a group of people hired because they were both intelligent, and competitive?