Mark Twain said that the two most important dates in your life are the date you are born and the date you find out why…

Conventional science often disregards unconventional views only to much later reluctantly accept them and eventually embrace a new paradigm.

The Human Genome project firmly concluded that the vast majority of our DNA (97%) is “junk” or non-coded DNA – unusable to encode enzymes and proteins. Scientists concluded that this “junk” was carried forward from evolution and represented “things we don’t need anymore”.

However, more recent research has suggested that a significant portion of the junk or silent DNA is not junk at all. It performs specific functions determining the evolution of cells into specific organs and may even hold the key to some difficult-to-cure diseases. The root directory of all human languages is also allegedly placed within the randomness of junk DNA.

Quantum mechanics allows for electrons in our brain to pop in and out of existence. Is it then possible that some of the so-called junk DNA responds to our state of consciousness? To #sound and #light wave inputs?

Could matter and consciousness exist on the same plane (holographic universe theory)? Was Niels Bohr’s explanation of the nature of reality as non-local, non-causal, non-deterministic and having intermediate jumps correct? Or was Einstein who believed strongly that reality was local, causal, deterministic and continuous, in fact, right?

Philosophers and scientists alike have wondered what lies beyond the space-time world we enjoy. Possibly love, singularity, amazing grace?

We can apply principles of noted scientist Hugh Everett’s ManyWorldInterpretation theory or what #spiritualists call LawofAttraction and create synchronicity so as to change our current lives for the better.

We expand our evolvement. We enhance the connection between our #heart, our non-local super-conscious and our local #mind. We perceive more.

We shrug off office politics and operate at the highest level. We don’t feel very stressed anymore. We are healthier. We become more efficient. We strategize better. We uptier our #emotional #intelligence both at office and home.

Eternal, non-linear beings are we not? And yet we choose to operate in linear ways – stuck in patterns and belief systems that are linear.

You can be anything you want to be – in your career or outside of it. You might say, “Maybe in your world you can be anything, not in my world- doesn’t happen to me…”. I’d say, “Change your world”.

Claim Your Mastery. Make more MindWealth.